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Living conditions on Earth are changing as profoundly as never before: Change of climate and the environment, demographic, technical, and economic developments affect the availability and quality of air, water, and food. The KIT Climate and Environment Center develops strategies and technologies to secure the natural bases of life. It is not only aimed at eliminating the causes of environmental problems, but increasingly on adapting to changing conditions.

Since its foundation on January 01, 2009, the KIT Climate and Environment Center with its about 700 scientists from 30 institutes has therefore been acquiring fundamental and application knowledge on climate and environmental change. From this knowledge, it derives strategies and technologies to secure the natural bases of life. The advantage of an already existing large scope of expertise in natural sciences, engineering, and social sciences is used to develop in multidisciplinary cooperation a center of outstanding international visibility.

Climate change in Karlsruhe?!

Based on long-term temperature data from the DWD station Rheinstetten, the current temperatures are placed in a long-term context in this interactive graphic. Decide for yourself whether you want to look at the last 5, 10, 30 or 50 years.


Nach der Klima-Klage: Wird jetzt alles anders? | klima:check

Fridays for Future und viele andere Klimaschützende hatten in den letzten Jahren gegen das Klimaschutzgesetz der Bundesregierung geklagt. Die darin vorgesehenen Maßnahmen reichen nicht aus um das Pariser Klimaziel zu erreichen, so die Kläger*innen. Jetzt hat das #Bundesverfassungsgericht ein #Urteil gesprochen. Ob das Urteil wirklich so ein Sensationsurteil ist und was sich jetzt im #Klimaschutz verändern wird, das prüfen wir in diesem klima:check.

Tanja Meißner, KITTanja Meißner, KIT
Nach der Reise ins All: Fahne künftig in der KIT-Bibliothek zu sehen

In seiner Videobotschaft richtet sich Dr. Alexander Gerst an die Studierenden des KIT.



BusPascal Armbruster, KIT
GeoKarlsruhe 2021: Sustainable Earth – from processes to resources

The online conference will take place from 19-24 September 2021 at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

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Karlsruhe environmental impulses 27.10.2021

Deaf in one ear?
Does environmental policy
enough to the environmental sciences?


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