The latest episodes of our current podcast series "Umwelt.wandel.wissen.nutzen."

As part of the podcast series "Karlsruher Beiträge zur Klimaforschung" scientists at KIT report on their work and how it contributes to climate research. This includes observation and analysis of interrelationships in the climate system, predictions, research on climate impacts, social science context, and technical considerations.

Hosted by Joshua Bayless.

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Climate and Environment Lectures

Since 2011, the KIT Climate and Environment Center has regularly organized KIT Climate Lectures und KIT Environment Lectures on current climate and environmental topics. Internationally highly respected and excellent scientists are invited to each event. They present their topics in such a way that interested colleagues from KIT, as well as citizens, gain insight into the perspectives and content of their respective research.Inhalte ihrer jeweiligen Forschung bekommen.


The Secret of the Clouds
Prof. Dr. Thomas Leisner
October 20, 2022


Climate Change, Scientific Assessments, and Societal Choices
Dr. Masson-Delmotte
November 5, 2019


Implementation of Decentralized Wastewater Infrastructures in Water-Scarce Regions
Prof. Müller
May 23, 2019

Warum wissen wir mehr über die Sterne als unsere Umwelt? Prof. Bárdossy 30.6.2015





Brain Bites

The series BRAIN BITES - Wissen zum Mittagessen is a joint event by scientists from the KIT Climate and Environment Center and the TRIANGEL Transfer | Culture | Space. BRAIN BITES provides you with a bite of inspiration during your lunch break. The format, with its short, inspiring talks about the natural or built environment, is aimed at everyone who wants to discover new perspectives and ideas – from employees, entrepreneurs, students, young people, retirees, to science nerds. Look forward to exciting insights.

Recordings of Environment Brain Bites 2024 and Climate Brain Bites 2023 can be found here: >> Recordings <<

TRIANGEL Transfer | Kultur | Raum
Bridging the GAP between Science and Policy
Saskia Knispel de Acosta (IMK-ASF, ECRA)
On Wednesday, January 10th, Sissi, also known as Saskia Knispel de Acosta from the Institute of Meteorology and Climate Research – Atmospheric Trace Gases and Remote Sensing (IMK-ASF) and the European Climate Research Alliance (ECRA), will be our guest. As a representative of ECRA – the European Climate Research Alliance – she brings together science and policy as well as scientists and policymakers from 23 different European climate research organizations through a bottom-up approach.




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