For an Environment Worth Living in

Climate and Environment Change, as well as social, technical and economic developments, are having an unprecedented impact on soil, water, air and the subsurface, and thus on ecosystems and the foundations of human life.

Our mission: Exploring Climate and Environment, Developing Solutions

The KIT Climate and Environment Center develops basic and applied knowledge on climate and environmental change. On this basis, it develops concepts as well as nature-based and technological solutions for safeguarding the natural basis of life and shaping the living environment.

Since its foundation on January 1, 2009, the KIT Climate and Environment Center has been offering a broad range of expertise in the natural, technical, and social sciences with about 700 scientists from 30 institutes. In interdisciplinary networking, we are developing a center of outstanding international visibility. In doing so, we consider both the causes of environmental problems and the adaptation to changing conditions.

Our vision: For an environment worth living in

In interdisciplinary networking, we are developing a center with outstanding international visibility. We consider both the causes of environmental problems and how to adapt to changing conditions.

Our Values: Respectful discourse to advance research with responsibility



frackingBrennen Linslay/AP Photo/picture alliance
Fracking of gas in Germany as an alternative?

In Germany, large gas deposits have so far remained unexploited. The governing FDP party therefore wants to put fracking, which has been banned up to now, to the test. DW talks to Prof. Christoph Hilgers about the risks and opportunities of fracking.

link (In German)

Clouds played important role in climate history

Global models show a significant influence of clouds on the evolution of the Earth's climate and the evolutionary conditions of life.


jungeSarah Jonek/Bielefeld Marketing GmbH
Christian Scharun wins FameLab Germany

With his contribution on methane emissions from oil rigs in the North Sea, Christian Scharun wins FameLab Germany on May 17. Congratulations!


Climate research: Ultrafine dust could cause weather extremes

KIT researchers prove global increase of ultrafine particles from fossil fuel exhaust gases and warn of significant weather effects.


frauAueninstitut, KIT
Ecosystems: Renaturation of river floodplains

KIT researchers are investigating ways to restore the environment that has been altered by humans.


Leibniz Prize: Almut Arneth receives award

The KIT professor accepted the award at a ceremony in Bonn.


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Panel discussion on 9/28/22


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