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Citizen dialogs: Anchoring society in everyday scientific life

KIT wants to integrate the expectations and wishes of citizens more closely into its research work in the future.

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Geothermal energy indispensable for a heat transition

Joint roadmap of Helmholtz Centers and Fraunhofer Institutes shows fields of action for a sustainable heat supply.

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Land use: plea for fair species protection

A study with the participation of KIT sheds light on the conflicting goals of biodiversity and food security in land use
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Traffic turnaround in Karlsruhe: Getting to your destination faster with AI

Artificial intelligence is to make it easier for citizens to choose the right mode of transport for their route.

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Falling groundwater levels threaten Germany as a result of climate change

KIT and BGR use artificial intelligence to develop forecasting models for the future development of groundwater levels

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Ecosystems: Renaturation of floodplains

KIT researchers are investigating ways to restore an environment that has been altered by humans.

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Leibniz Prize: Almut Arneth honored

The KIT professor accepted the prize at a ceremony in Bonn.

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Geothermal energy: mitigating the urban climate with heat recycling

KIT researchers are investigating ways to recycle urban overheating in the near-surface subsurface.

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Christian Scharun wins FameLab Germany

With his contribution on methane emissions from oil rigs in the North Sea, Christian Scharun wins FameLab Germany on May 17. Congratulations to him!

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Climate research: Ultrafine particulate matter could cause weather extremes

KIT researchers prove global increase in ultrafine particles from fossil fuel emissions and warn of significant weather effects.

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Clouds played an important role in climate history

Global models show a significant influence of clouds on the development of the Earth's climate and the evolutionary conditions of life.

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Fracking for gas in Germany as an alternative?

Large gas deposits in Germany have remained untapped to date. The governing FDP party therefore wants to put fracking, which has been banned to date, to the test. A DW interview with Prof. Christoph Hilgers on the risks and opportunities of fracking.

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Blind spots in the monitoring of plastic waste

KIT researchers and partners suspect that much more plastic is transported in flowing waters than previously assumed - new approaches for modeling.

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Climate Research: More Precise and Efficient Weather Forecasts

Julian Quinting from KIT receives an ERC Starting Grant - Project ASPIRE increases the reliability of weather forecasts and reduces computing costs and energy consumption.

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