Baden-Württemberg is a state poor in raw materials with a high proportion of industrial
added value to the economical use of raw materials and the recovery of
resources from waste. In order to meet the resource economic challenges
and support the companies in the state, the state government decided to
on January 9, 2018, a Think Tank together with business and science
to establish "Industrial Resource Strategies". Minister of the Environment Franz Untersteller has
Think tank at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) now ceremonially opened.

Our THINKTANK Book online!


Our booklet "Mining, smelting, recycling - is the German demand and supply of raw materials resilient?" by Christoph Hilgers, Jochen Kolb and Ivy Becker is now online. We outline raw material strategies of different countries and show that industrial countries require access to raw materials from mining, smelting and refining for manufacturing and to retain critical raw materials for the circular economy. Increasing global population, growing prosperity, shorter product life cycles, digitalization, energy- and mobility transition will cause a significant increase and competition on primary and secondary raw materials.


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