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Large Projects with Participation of Institutes of the KIT Climate and Environment Center

An overview of collaborations in climate and environmental research at KIT can be found here.

Projects within the Excellence Strategy.

Overview table of projects within the projects within the Excellence Strategy.

Activities in the large research area (Helmholtz Association).


The aim of the Atmosphere and Climate Programme (ATMO) is to
to better understand the atmosphere in the climate system. To this end, scientists are pursuing
complex measurements of atmospheric parameters and laboratory tests and
numerical modelling of processes that play an important role in the atmosphere
Research approaches include high-resolution satellite measurements of tropospheric
trace substances, studies on the role of the middle atmosphere in the climate system, the
variability of biogenic emissions and the use of atmospheric water isotopes for
better understanding of the water cycle.

The programme is divided into four themes:

  • Clouds and weather research
  • Land surface processes in the climate system
  • Tropospheric trace substances and their transformation processes
  • Composition and dynamics of the upper troposphere and middle atmosphere

The website of the Helmholtz Programme Changing Earth can be found here.

More information about ATMO can be read here.

Süddeutsches Klimabüro

The South-German Climate Office is an interface between research and society, which supplies information on climate aspects in a competent and understandable manner. Work is based on the expertise of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), where several institutes conduct fundamental and applied climate research, and on the expertise of several associated institutions. The regional focus lies on South Germany. Major topics covered are regional climate modeling, trends of extreme weather events, such as strong rain, and hail, and aspects of energy generation and water management. The South-German Climate Office is one of four regional climate offices of the Helmholtz Association that have a regional and thematic focus each. Since 2009, the South-German Climate Office has been part of the KIT Climate and Environment Center.

Cooperation with networks and centers at KIT and beyond


The Center for Disaster Management and Risk Reduction Technology (CEDIM) is an interdisciplinary research center of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) External Link in the field of disaster management. The main goal of CEDIM is to advance our scientific understanding of natural and man-made hazards, and to develop disaster management solutions for the early detection and reduction of the related risks.

Deutsches Klimakonsortium DKK e.V.

Scientists for Future

Wassernetzwerk Baden-Württemberg