The water cycle is of fundamental importance to the climate and the mass flows in the earth system. Water is the most important food item, also meeting numerous other elementary functions for man and the environment.


Current and future challenges in water research are found especially in these research areas:

  • Securing water resources sufficient in quantity and quality for drinking water supply, food production, and ecosystems.
  • Prediction of the impacts of global change on the water cycle and mass flows driven by water, and development of strategies to minimize damage.
  • Adaptation of water infrastructures and technologies to changed environmental conditions and use requirements and in extremely condensed conurbation areas.
  • Efficient and sustainable use of water in the energy sector.
  • The overall goal of the Topic Water is to bundle the broad competencies of KIT in water research and to contribute to

the solution of the fundamental challenges named above via inter- and transdisciplinary research approaches.

For further information please see www.wasser.kit.edu



Exploration of a karst cave in Vietnam
(Collaborative research project KaWaTech © P. Oberle)

Water sampling in Brasilia (© M. Majewsky)