TRUST - Drinking water supply in prosperous water scarce regions sustainable, fair and ecologically compatible

further partners:

University of Stuttgart, DVGW Water Technology Center, Decon International GmbH, Disy IInformation Systems GmbH, Pabsch & Partner Engineering Society mbH, OTT Hydromet GmbH


The aim of the TRUST research project is to develop innovative solution and planning tools that combine methods from satellite-based remote sensing and water balance modelling with strategic decision tools and inclusive solution concepts for sustainable water supply and wastewater disposal. On the one hand, this allows statements to be made about the condition of surface waters and, on the other hand, socially accepted concepts for access to safe drinking water and sustainable wastewater disposal that are adapted to local conditions can be developed. The methodological framework to be developed combines natural, engineering and social science expertise from research and practice and will be tested in the Lima/Peru region as an example. Specifically, the focus is on the Rio Lurin, one of three rivers from which Lima, the capital of Peru, can supply itself. Individual pre-tests will be carried out in advance in Germany, with the involvement of the state dam administration in Saxony. Among other things, the correlation of remote sensing data to water quality issues is to be verified regionally and methodological transferability is to be ensured.