DFG-FNR-FWF research unit FOR 1598 “Catchments as Organized Systems” (CAOS):

The International research unit CAOS explored the link between “form” and “functioning” of eco-hydrological landscapes. The objectives were ultimately a) to improve experimental strategies such that they maximize information gain at a minimum necessary field work, b) to explore the minimum necessary complexity of process models by identifying and avoiding redundant computations using information theory and c) to understand whether changing form and functioning of hydrological landscapes is in accordance with thermodynamic organizing principles. CAOS research connected groups from Hydrology (KIT, Univ. Fribourg, Univ. GFZ Potsdam, BOKU Vienna, LIST Luxembourg) Atmospheric Sciences (Univ. Hohenheim, MPI Jena) Geophysics (UfZ Leipzig, Univ. Potsdam), Geoecology (TU Braunschweig) and Remote Sensing (LIST, KIT).

Special issue: